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Definition of Clown and History of Clowns

The role of the clown in today's society

When we think about clowns, we are quick to think about their usual characteristics: the small red ball as a nose, the white face, the enormous mouth and eyebrows, the curly colorful hair, the rainbow-like costume, the oversized shoes and collar .The Buffoon is seen as entertaining children and the people in circuses and in parks. The Joker juggles from circles and shapes balloons under the shape of animals, bird and insect. The buffoons are also dancers, singers and entertainers. At the parties, especially at the children's parties, the Joker is always being playful, at the theater the Jester is sad or cheerful depending on his role in operas and in the films he is a frightening or saving character of the good and human justice.The balloons modeled by the clowns and adored by children are many, but we will list or mention only a few of them. Balloons modeled in the form of: Butterfly Wings; Puppy with leash or Kitten with leash; Seagull, Pony, Tiger, Angry Bird, Princess, Swords and Rifles.
The exact date of the appearance of the first clowns could not be certified by historians, as there is no document or book referring to the first clowns.

The story of the clowns,known to us, starts from ancient times/antiquity when at the courts of the Emperors or Kings there were many entertainers who were cheering the royal house, the children of the royal house as well as their guests, usually other kings or envoys of (persons sent by) other emperors.

The first images of clowns carved in stone (hieroglyphs) were found in Egypt, being represented as circus characters, with red noses, and by the funny way in which they were dressed as well as by gestures they wanted to raise the audience's laughter.

The clown was, as well as nowadays, a jester and a juggler of circles (animator who spins circles). The clowns of Antiquity were divided as nowadays in the two categories, but few knew how to rotate the circles and to animate the public in this manner.

Since ancient times or antiquity, the clowns are known as characters from tarot cards/books of the wizards or witches.

The clown from the tarot cards represents the chance to start something new, to create a destiny different from what you have encountered during your life.

The clown also shows an infinite possibility of human development, starting from a simple job done during times of economic crisis or during times of wealth, riches or instillation.

From ancient times until today the Buffoon has the role to entertain anyone, regardless of the social category they belong to: merchants, workers, and people from the countryside or from the city, nobles, kings, knights, priests, lawyers, doctors and children from all over the world, both the poor, the orphans and those from the rich families.

Even since the beginning of the circuses, the Buffoon has been a part of the carnival, by being an animator of acrobatics and juggling of circles, and in modern/new times a balloon modeler, who mainly creates different animals and insects from balloons.

Circus Joker ;The nowadays clowns

The contemporary buffoons are mainly oriented towards animation, circus and balloon marketing or offering them free of charge if their parents, grandparents or young people looking at them offer a little reward for their performed acrobatics or animation.

The most beautiful stories that are heard about clowns in the parks from the persons and children are those related to the parties where they are invited, whether it is an anniversary/wedding day, Christmas or New Year, the clowns are present wherever they are called and they offer great and special animation.

At the parties the buffons are as it follows: speakers, that is those who recite various poems, jokes or jokes for people and children, as well as clown performers, who know how to sing and have a harmonious voice.

The funniest joke told to a Buffoon, where he is, is the following: "I'll eat your nose :)", tell this joke to a clown and you'll see how he reacts.

The clowns from parks, circuses and from parties are characterized by people and children as being entertainers with a face painted in white, yellow and red, with red lips, with a round nose that squeaks, with a brightly coloured wig and costume, and with wide shoes standing.

The nowadays Joker is still present in films and plays, as well as in the works of the great writers.
The role of the clown in today's society
Today's clowns have multiple uses. There are social clowns: specialized in visits to the sick children from hospitals and children from orphanages. There are also Joker troops or bands waiting for spectators at the circus and giving them tickets and balloons.

Among the famous clowns throughout history there are the following:

Jester - character of the royal court;

Harlequin (clown) from France and Arlecchino from Italy;

also from Italy: Pantalone or Pantaleone (the one with wide pants);

in Germany the Pickelherring : it is the clown with round collar, long clothes, and very big pants and shoes.

About the clown Sebastian (whose site you are following)

He is a clown entertainer and dancer, who likes to fight for his rights, and to provide an example to those who believe that the state authorities, especially the Local Police, can prevent the presence of the clowns in public, on the street and in society.

The toys and balloons that you see in the video presented by him on the site, give them free of charge provided that those who follow his artistic activity will pay him a symbolic sum for his activity.

The toys and balloons that you see in the video presented by him on the site, he offers them free of charge provided that those who follow his artistic activity will pay him a symbolic sum for his activity.

In the other pages of his site, as well as in his book, you will see the fight he carries out and its results, along with him being both his lawyers and the Justice from Romania, where he carries on his activity.

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