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21 July 2019
Red Heart and White Swan Ballon

Dear children and parents, and dear visitors of site

The clown Sebastian asks you to send your articles about clowns met by you wherever you had fun: in the parks, on the streets, in the playgrounds or at private parties.

The Sebastian Clown asks you to send articles regarding other topics related to the children's play, your favorite toys, your favorite playgrounds, about your school or kindergarten.

Please do send in particular articles about your favorite toys and favorite playgrounds, all of which are adored by all children and by the clown Sebastian.

Send to our email address your 2 or 3 page articles, preferably in Word (Microsoft Word)

At the same time, the Clown Sebastian will ask you to make a donation click here or to the PayPal email address 

Your donation will support our website, as well as the blog part of our site.

The Clown Sebastian will publish all of your articles, but will prioritize the articles that were accompanied by a donation (within a few days from the date at which they were sent to the email address), and those that were not accompanied by a donation will be published later, at a time that cannot be specified for the time being.

The minimum donation for those who want their articles to be published on our site is at least of 20 dollars or 20 euros or 20 pounds (depending on your currency).

The minimum donation for those who want their articles to also contain comments from other visitors or other children who want to write a comment to their articles is at least of  100 $ or 100 eur or 100 pounds (depending on your currency) .

The Clown can also give you access to the management part of the comments section of the articles that you posted (if you want to delete some of them) and if you want, please do  send an email to the address

Dear children, if you want to publish an article written by you, and you cannot make a PAYPAL donation, please ask your parents or some adults to help you.

Those who just want to help the clown Sebastian’s activity, without publishing an article have at their disposal the HELP page of our site.


Dear children, if you want to help the clown Sebastian with money of your piggy bank or money box, please ask your parents or somebody else who is mature to help you! 



  • User comment

    Daniel Filip

    22 May 2020 08:58

    Hi there! I like to read more articles about the life of a street clown. Maybe a post about a day in the life of Clown Sebastian, from morning until evening.