The Clown Hero

All for the love for children

Sebastian the Clown resorted to Justice for the children’s joy who support him and he defeated the Local Police in his battles.

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The Clown Hero

Clown who care about Human Rights

Today's heroes are those who succeed in breaking through, despite the existing social and legal difficulties.

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The Clown Hero

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The price of the book is only 10 euro but you can choose according to your possibilities, another price.

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Sebastian the clown besides his lawyers in the fight from Justice against the Local Police

I am Sebastian the Clown from Galati and I present to you my book “Sebastian the Clown – A real-life hero” (in the fight against the Local Police of Galati and the Justice System from Romania).

Heroes have always been and there will always be, whether it's war or peace.

Heroes today are the ones who manage in the existing social and legal difficulties to break through and show that they can exist even when the State or its clerks (State employees) forbid their existence.

Sebastian the Clown fights with success against the Local Police of Galati through the justice system in order to bring joy to the children in the parks: many balloons and adored toys.

No matter what you want to do to be independent, you will encounter many obstacles, but do not let yourself be intimidated. The legal system can help.

My book addresses both those who want or dream to be free and those who have won or will win the fight with the Police or Justice (and also to those who lost).

Together, we must move on. It's time that the Rights of the Clowns and People, from all over the world, to be respected!


Clown of Justice

A lot of persons believe in Justice and lawyers, but few remain satisfied that they have solved their personal problems with the help of justice.

The Clown Hero - The book

Sebastian the Clown turned to the Justice system for the joy of the children who support him. And he defeated the Local Police in the fight, being still present in the favorite parks from Galati, Romania where he is entertaining children now.

His favorite parks are Children's Little Town, Viva Park, the Public Garden and the Danube Cliff. The amazing moments that Sebastian the clown spent together with the children can be found in the book.

Many of the local policemen in Romania want to fine all those on the streets whether they are entertaining people by animating the area or by selling some dill bunches at the corner of the street or by collecting the discarded plastic bottles and carrying them to metal scraps by a horse-drawn cart, either they are old and ask for a little help to earn their living.

Civil society in Romania and in other countries of the world sympathizes with these people, but it remains impassive when the Police, mainly the Local Police, forbid their activity.

Sebastian the Clown presents his success in the legal system to society and stands by anyone who can do something useful to the Romanian society, believing that the book will change the vision of civil society in Romania,and in other countries of the world.


Why would I buy Sebastian's clown book?

Because it is written out of love for children!

Buy the book and offer magic moments to the children in the parks along with our clowns and friends who are entertainers!   Upon request, we will provide you photos or videos from the parks where we offer special moments of fun for children.

Offer the clowns the chance to be free! There is Justice and fairness!

The joy of children being with the clowns cannot be stopped, even by the Local Police. My book is addressed to those who believe that there is Justice, I believe that there is fairness/justice anywhere in the world, even for the clowns.

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A real-life hero

The Clowns’ sword (from balloons) is sharp! Justice is blind and the struggles of nowadays Heroes continue!

Would you like to know or find out more about clowns and about Sebastian the Clown’s activity?

Read the following pages from our site and you are going to discover a trustworthy person, both for children as well as for parents, grandparents and people!


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The price of the book is minimum 10 USD/GBP/EURO but you can according to your possibilities, another price. By giving more, you will give more joy to the kids in the parks. Upon request, we will send you pictures stating our activity.

You can buy our book several times, even for your friends.

After you buy the book through PAYPAL , you can download it online in PDF format.

If you do not have time to order or read the book written by me but want to help with something visit our HELP page.

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