Contact Clown Sebastian who suffered a series of abuses from the Local Police from Galati

Good afternoon!
We are the company (firm) PFA VISAN IONUT-SEBASTIAN ,from the municipality of Galati, Romania, having a UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION CODE 38843192 ;Our company is managed or administered by Mister Visan Ionut -Sebastian (the Sebastian Clown), who suffered a series of abuses from the Local Police from Galati, abuses that were proven in the Court, respectively in the Romanian Justice, abuses that can be proved by judgments or decisions pronounced by the courts of law from Romania.The cause for which the donations are collected is that the administrator of our company who interprets the role of clown and entertainer in the parks from Galati (Romania) to hire lawyers for our company, lawyers who can help us obtain authorizations for entertainers and clowns in the amusement parks for children and to build new playgrounds for the children. We also ask for donations in order that our lawyers to provide us with legal protection against the abuses of the Romanian public authorities, mainly of the Local Police from Galati.

Our Address Str : Aleea Melodiei, nr. 8, bl B8, Sc. 5, Ap. 49, Galati, Romania;
Bank account of our company from Romania - PFA VISAN IONUT-SEBASTIAN, No.: RO52INGB0000999907862019 opened at ING Office Galati ,Brailei AGENCY; ROMANIA; Cod SWIFT: INGBROBU Dear children, if you want to help the clown Sebastian with money of your piggy bank or money box, please ask your parents or somebody else who is mature to help you!

Contact Number

+40784 025 740

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