Clown Sebastian and The Local Police

The Local Police fines the clowns, but the Clown Sebastian defeats the Local Police in Justice.

In Romania, civil rights are very little respected by public authorities and the law applied by the Local Police has a lot of things in common with the abuses. This aspect can also be observed by simply consulting the portal of Romanian courts, where daily reports of contravention issued by the Local Police are canceled. Sanctions and fines for those who do very little wrong to society are very harsh, both in the big cities and in small towns.

The fines applied start most of the time from 200 lei, about 50 euro / USD and go up to 500 lei or 1000 lei (250 euro / USD), depending on how the Local Police likes the little delinquency of some people to the society. For Romania, these fines represent quite a lot of money, given that the majority of the population salary is 300 euros.

Whether we are talking about a fine imposed by the Local Police for a person collecting plastic bottles from the places where the waste is stored to be transported to the Collection Centers, or we are talking about people who sell some dairy, parsley or an apple basket in an unauthorized place, often because they are old and helpless, and cannot pay an authorized place, either talking about sick people who are praying for the mercy of people, or street people who they have no place to live, they are considered by the Local Police in Romania among the biggest offenders.

The law in Romania, as it currently stands, prohibits fining for begging of people who are not able to work and can prove this with papers from a doctor. However, the Local Police often apply fines claiming they do not have the capacity to review papers issued by doctors.

The Romanian law also stipulates that the pecuniary fine is applied depending on the seriousness of the deed and that only caution can be applied in cases of reduced severity, as above, but this legal regulation is neglected most of the time, the Local Police applying the fine directly.

Due to the fact that these people cannot afford to pay a lawyer, and in Romania there is very difficult to find a lawyer ex officio, they get to work for the community service in order to pay the fines, because the non-payment of the fine entails its replacement with community service.


The fines given by the Local Police in Romania are paid and collected at the Paying Centers of the Local City Halls, and Local City Halls subsidize the work of the Local Police.

In this case it is obvious the subjectivity of the Local Police to bring as much money to the City Hall as possible, from as many fines as possible, so that the monthly salary is insured.

The Local Police Act provides that it operates on the basis of local public authority regulations and is also funded by the same authorities.

Sebastian the Clown lives daily around these people because he often finds them in the busiest areas of Galati, where he performs a distinct activity towards the people mentioned.

Sebastian the Clown, unlike the other people mentioned above, owns some of the authorizations and small funds needed to pay a lawyer and he has appealed to the Romanian Justice, for the children who support him in the parks and the busiest areas of Galati.

The authorizations owned by Sebastian the Clown are often contested by the Local Police, and the fines given by the Local Police are enough, but most of them have been annulled by the Court - the Galati Court.

Although addressing a request to the Romanian Justice is like a lottery where you can win or lose, I have not lost my trust and I managed to win and I ask you to be with me because the wars with the Local Police have not ended yet.

Support Sebastian the Clown in his fight with the Local Police!



The Local police wants to fine the Clown

The local police searches for witnesses in order to fine the Clown from the park.

The toys and balloons that you see in the video exhibited by the Clown on the site , he gives them free of charge provided that those who follow his artistic activity pay him a symbolic sum for his activity.


In the presented video you can see Sebastian the Clown being followed by the Local Police to be fined.

Although he only performs artistic activity and gives balloons and toys to those who pay for it, the Local Police seeks to find people to sign the fines as witnesses to the fact that the Clown performs commercial activities.

People who were required to be witnesses when signing the offense (fine) report refuse arguing that I perform artistic activities, as the Clown sings and dances.

Also in the same video, you can see the park's security agents removing the Clown from the area even though the Local Police did not ask for it.

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