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The main character: the Clown Sebastian ; The story of the Hero Clowns ;Explanatory video for the site, about how some clowns (in the world) are not allowed by the public authorities and the Police to carry out their activity on the public roads and in the parks, simply because the authorities do not want to. The Clown Sebastian fights along his lawyers in order to be present in the public places and the public parks from Galati; Romania.

Beautiful Cat Hat

Source : Youtube - Twist Cat Hat Ballon

Black and White Mouse Hat

Youtube Source : Ballon Twisting Mouse Hat

How do you twist balloons into a dog animal

Source : Youtube ;Basic dog ballon twisting.You will need Q 260 balloons (Qualatex) ,and start,is verry simple.

The local police want to stop the activity of the clown

The local police searches for witnesses to block the activity of the clown and to remove him from the park.

The policemen were explained previously that the toys and balloons are given free of charge, to those who pay for the artistic activity of the clown.


Video translation

Clown Sebastian sings:
- Dance, dance!
- 1,2,3 Dance, dance!
- Look! 1,2,3 and… dance, dance!
- Top, top, to, ro, rop, top, top!
- We can't sing anymore!
- Officer, we can't sing anymore, our throats hurt!
- What do we do, do we still sing?
- Our throats hurt!

You can see how Galați Local Police is looking for witnesses to fine the clown Sebastian, but the people contacted refuse, claiming that it is just a simple artistic activity.

Clown Sebastian was never intimidated by the Galați Local Police, and he always hoped that justice would help him in his work.

The most recent court decision he obtained against the Local Police officers is the one obtained in the file no. 15979/233/2018 on the 5th of June 2019, when Galați District Court canceled the contravention (fine) report dated 20.07.2018.

Starting that date, no local police officer has disturbed the activity of the clown Sebastian in parks.

Below you have the link to the resolution given by Galați District Court, regarding the clown Sebastian, as well as the resolution of 5th June 2019.

Settlement type: Admits the request

Settlement in short: Admits the request. Cancels the contravention minutes series OP no. 53612, drawn up on 20.07.2018. Exempts the plaintiff from the payment of the contravention fine amounting to 200 lei. With the right of appeal, within 30 days, starting with the date of communication, which will be submitted to Galaţi District Court. Pronounced by making the solution available to the parties through the court registry, today, 05.06.2019.

Document: Decision no. 3469/2019 of 05.06.2019

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